Austerity Business. 39 Tips for Doing More With Less

Austerity Business. 39 Tips for Doing More With Less
Автор: Alex Pratt
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Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9780470662458
Цена: 1345.20 Руб.
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These tips are worth their weight in gold to businesses of all sizes. —Peter Jones, CBE, Entrepreneur and star of TV's Dragon's Den For any business, less really can be more. We all face new, austere times. Whether starting up, surviving or seeking to dominate its niche, every business needs to adjust. Based on years of real business experience, this book shows you how. From reinvigorating staff with Dunkirk spirit, to building revenues on a shoestring, this book tells you where to cut and where to keep spending. Packed with witty anecdotes, inspirational quotes and common sense advice, Austerity Business is a reinvigorating read for any business leader sworn down by daily bad news – the age of austerity really can be about thriving, not just surviving.

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