Zennovation. An East-West Approach to Business Success

Zennovation. An East-West Approach to Business Success
Автор: Tomio Taki
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Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781118225967
Цена: 1525.58 Руб.
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Combining the principles of Eastern and Western business practices for powerful success As an entrepreneur, manager, and problem-solver, Tomio Taki has shared advice with businesspeople ranging from managers of mom-and-pops to high-powered executives from across the globe. The Innovation Instinct showcases the author's breadth of life experience and illustrates how the principles of Eastern and Western business practices can be meshed together as a powerful source for success. Lessons range from the benefits of asking the simple questions to the importance of establishing oneself and knowing when to go against the grain. Tomio Taki has consulted for, financed, or directly managed both private and public companies on nearly every continent. He has been involved in ventures ranging from being the man be GЭ GЭАІ¤P»‹HЭАGЭ@АGЭbusiness and related successes are striking, having helped companies rise from the ashes of potential bankruptcy to streamlining and growing corporate giants. The wisdom he shares in The Innovation Instinct includes: Language is less of an obstacle across borders; instead, cultural differences are what propel and vitiate communication among businesspersons Certain fundamental aspects of business and life cross latitudinal and longitudinal lines When businesspeople seek to understand the cultures of their counterparts, they will discover lasting success with their global business relationships.

Когда мы читаем книгу, чувство правдивого говорит нам: "Это ложь!" — при каждом неверной детали. Если это чувство говорит слишком часто и говорит всем, значит книга не имеет и не будет иметь никакой ценности. Секрет всемирного вечного успеха в правдивости.

Генерал с проверкой в части, заходит в солдатскую столовую: — Ну, что, товарищи бойцы, еды—то хватает? — Хватает, товарищ генерал, даже остается! Генерал (хмурясь): — Остается, говорите? И что ж с ней делаете? — Доедаем, товарищ генерал! Даже не хватает!!!

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