Practicing Our Faith. A Way of Life for a Searching People

Practicing Our Faith. A Way of Life for a Searching People
Автор: Dorothy Bass C.
Дата написания:
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9780470569924
Цена: 1219.85 Руб.
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An updated edition of the down-to-earth resource that offers twelve practices to make Christian faith a way of life Many Christians are looking for ways to deepen their relationship with God by practicing their faith in everyday life. This best-selling guide helps take belief out of the realm of theory and shows how to live it out in a series of twelve central practices such as hospitality, forgiveness, healing, testimony, and keeping Sabbath. Designed to work across a wide range of Christian laypeople, leaders, denominations, and study groups, this is the second edition of the book that Theology called «… a stimulating contribution to the work of making explicit the connection between what Christians do and what they believe.» Contains information on the practices discussed in the book and shows how they relate to and intersect with prayer, worship, and Bible study Offers a guide for conversation, learning, and growth at the back of the book This updated and expanded new edition includes a new introduction and two additional chapters that describes new insights into and experiences with the «practicing our faith» approach The book includes a variety of prominent contributors, who draw on their rich shared experience as believers, theologians, ethicists, and educators.

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