Prodigal Christianity. 10 Signposts into the Missional Frontier

Prodigal Christianity. 10 Signposts into the Missional Frontier
Автор: Geoffrey Holsclaw
Дата написания:
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781118228357
Цена: 1525.58 Руб.
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An engaging and thoughtful book that guides readers into the frontiers of being a missional Christian Prodigal Christianity offers a down-to-earth, accessible, and yet provocative understanding of God's mission of redemption in the world, and how followers of Christ can participate in this work. It speaks into the discontent of all those who have exhausted conservative, liberal, and even emergent ways of being Christian and are looking for a new way forward. It offers building blocks for missional theology and practice that moves Christians into a gospel-centered way of life for our culture and our times. Offers a compelling and creative vision for North American Christians Puts forth a theology and ten critical signposts that must be observed to follow a missional way of life: post-Christendom, missio Dei, incarnation, witness, scripture, gospel, church, sexuality, justice, pluralism Asks questions and points to issues that trouble many leaders in the post-modern, post-denominational, post-Christendom church This book can fill the gap for the average Christian left discontented with the current options «after evangelicalism.»

Книга — это вечная мысль. Рука, протянутая через десятилетия и века, когда рядом невозможно найти собеседника.

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