Luther's Theology of the Cross. Martin Luther's Theological Breakthrough

Luther's Theology of the Cross. Martin Luther's Theological Breakthrough
Автор: Alister E. McGrath
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Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781444342321
Цена: 1709.01 Руб.
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Luther's Theology of the Cross represents a fully revised and updated edition of the classic 1985 text that expands on the author's ongoing research and reflects 25 years of Luther scholarship. Rewritten and expanded edition of a highly-acclaimed classic text Incorporates primary and secondary sources that have become available since the publication of the first edition Draws on advances in our understanding of the late medieval intellectual, cultural, and religious background of Luther's early development, and the nature of Luther's doctrine of justification (including the so-called 'Finnish' school), many of which have not yet been incorporated into Luther scholarship Luther's 'theological breakthrough' continues to be of central importance to Reformation Studies and the development of Protestantism Written by one of the world's leading Protestant theologians, who is an authority on the development of the doctrine of justification. His classic work Iustitia Dei: A History of the Christian Doctrine of Justification is now in its third edition (2005)

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