Emil Brunner. A Reappraisal

Emil Brunner. A Reappraisal
Автор: Alister E. McGrath
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Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781118569269
Цена: 6294.92 Руб.
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In Emil Brunner: A Reappraisal, renowned theologian Alister E. McGrath presents a comprehensive intellectual history of Emil Brunner, the highly influential Swiss theologian who was instrumental in shaping modern Protestant theology. Explores Brunner’s theological development and offers a critical engagement of his theology Examines the role that Brunner played in shaping the characteristics of dialectical theology Reveals the complex and shifting personal and professional relationship between Brunner and Barth Delves into the reasons for Brunner’s contemporary neglect in theological scholarship Represents the only book-length study of Brunner’s works and significance in the English language

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