A Brief History of Christianity

A Brief History of Christianity
Автор: Carter Lindberg
Дата написания:
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781405148870
Цена: 7089.81 Руб.
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Charting the rise and development of Christianity, Carter Lindberg has succeeded in writing a concise and compelling history of the world’s largest religion. He spans over 2,000 years of colorful incident to give an authoritative history of Christianity for both the general reader and the beginning student. Ranges from the missionary journeys of the apostles to the tele-evangelism of the twenty-first century. Demonstrates how the Christian community received and forged its identity from its development of the Bible to the present day. Covers topics fundamental to understanding the course of Western Christianity, including the growth of the papacy, heresy and schism, reformation and counter-reformation. Includes an introduction to the historiography of Christianity, a note on the problems of periodization, an appendix on theological terms, and a useful bibliography. An authoritative yet succinct history, written to appeal to a general audience as well as students of the history of Christianity. Written by internationally regarded theologian, Carter Lindberg, who is the author of numerous titles on theology and Church history.

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