Advanced Building Technologies for Sustainability

Advanced Building Technologies for Sustainability
Автор: Asif Syed
Дата написания:
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781118260197
Цена: 5503.09 Руб.
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Practical solutions for sustainability In this timely guide, one of the world's leaders in advanced building technology implementation shows architects and engineers proven and practical methods for implementing these technologies in sustainably-designed buildings. Because of the very limited time architects are given from being awarded a project to concept design, this book offers clear and workable solutions for implementing solar energy, radiant heating and cooling floors, displacement ventilation, net zero, and more. It provides helpful tips and suggestions for architects and engineers to work together on implementing these technologies, along with many innovative possibilities for developing a truly integrated design. This book also explores and explains the many benefits of advanced technologies, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower operating costs, noise reduction, improved indoor air quality, and more. In addition, Advanced Building Technologies for Sustainability: Offers detailed coverage of solar energy systems, thermal energy storage, geothermal systems, high-performance envelopes, chilled beams, under-floor air distribution, displacement induction units, and much more Provides case studies of projects using advanced technologies and demonstrates their implementation in a variety of contexts and building types Covers the implementation of advanced technologies in office towers, large residential buildings, hospitals, schools, dormitories, theaters, colleges, and more Complete with a clear and insightful explanation of the requirements for and benefits of acquiring the U.S. Greeђ‹ґђ‹ґРъЉА`|ш‹ґ°‹ґ@°‹ґnt resource for architects, engineers, developers, and contractors involved in sustainable projects using advanced technologies.

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